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High Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions to Accelerate Genomics Research

This is an incredibly exciting time in medicine given the improvement of disease identification & treatment recommendation using genomic-based data sources. We are seeing the future of medicine unfold today with genomic data growing at an unprecedented rate. It is projected that approximately one billion people will have their genomes sequenced within the next decade. We’re here to provide the HPC solutions optimized for this massive genomic workload!

The promises of precision medicine yield a future of data-driven knowledge of a disease condition and targeted pharmaceutical treatment – all from a saliva, blood, or tissue sample. To achieve this vision demands significant cost reduction of sequencing (The first Human Genome Project is estimated to have cost $2.7 billion in FY 1991 dollars), and requires powerful secondary compute & processing analysis to identify the genetic variants causing the disease.

Whole Genome Sequencing costs are approaching the $1,000 per sequence target with the next generation targets reducing that another order of magnitude. The compute-intensive analysis solutions must keep up with this rapid improvement in performance & cost reduction.

Colfax Genomics HPC Solutions based on Broad-Intel Genomics Stack (BIGstack) Architecture

Colfax is collaborating with Intel® to bring High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions to market using the customized BIGstack (Broad Intel Genomics stack) architecture. BIGstack is an optimized solution for genomics & variant analysis. BIGstack defines hardware & software components centering on Broad’s Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) for the highest performance, lowest cost, most flexible delivery of patient sample processing. Running the latest versions of GATK on BIGstack has shown up to 5X performance improvements over previous generations! Learn more about Colfax Genomics HPC solutions from our Solution Brief.

In early Q4, Colfax is launching scalable options for Genomics Analysis from the single-node GSX-P system to the multi-node GSX-24 Rack solution based on our GSX-1 powerhouse 2U rack server. Information on these systems may be found on our website at www.colfax-intl.com/nd/solutions/life-sciences/intel-genomics.aspx.

We are one of the first vendors to deliver BIGstack experience to our customers. We not only support our HPC hardware but also provide installation and support for BIGstack software. Contact us for more information.

Supercomputing '17

We’ll be at Supercomputing ’17 in Denver in November to showcase demos, solutions, and meet with customers. We hope to see you there!