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Intel® Data Center Manager Console


Energy costs are the fastest-rising cost element in the data center. Power consumption is one of major concerns of these facilities, clouds and large IT Enterprises. Often it is not clear if energy savings is a responsibility of Facility Manager or IT Manager. Servers consume most of the energy which is owned by the IT division. Facility teams sometimes deploy solutions to measure and manage Power at Rack and PDU levels, but have little visibility at the server level. There are also challenges in managing power at the appropriate times. According to Senior Analyst Eric Woods, "Servers use 60% of their maximum power while doing nothing at all."1

Moreover, there are multiple proprietary power measurement and control protocols supported by different OEMs, which make it challenging to have a single solution for power management across ALL devices in the data center.


Gain Control of Data Center Power

Real-Time Power and Thermal Monitoring
Accurate power and thermal consumption data gives you the insights needed to manage your data center power usage and hotspots.

Increase Rack Density
Maximize server count per rack in a fixed-rack power envelope for increased data center utilization.

Optimize Power Usage
Optimize power profiles per server, rack, floor or workload, and application; and reduces electricity costs.

Power Through Outages
Continue or prolong operations during power outages. Business is better with shorter and less frequent outages.

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