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The Hands-On Workshop (HOW) Deep Dive Series

Colfax offers free deep dive Web-based workshops on Parallel Programming and Optimization for Intel® Architecture, including Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors. Workshops include 20 hours of Web-based instruction and up to 2 weeks of remote access to Intel Xeon Phi based servers for hands-on exercises and to try your code.

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"An un-parallel resource for learning trade skills of using Intel Xeon Phi platform for Parallel Computing. What makes this program all the more engaging is its focus on the 'doing' aspect as there is no substitute to 'learning by doing'."

Gaurav Verma
HOW attendee

"The 'Deep Dive' webinar series on code modernization and optimization was likely the best training I could undertake, in order to quickly, yet comprehensively, prepare myself for parallel programming for the Intel Xeon Phi architectures. Colfax Research perfectly balanced lectures with hands-on lab activities, making it truly experiential program, which naturally shows the learner what the next steps are."

Onigiusz Zarzycki
HOW attendee

"I am a physicist working with Monte Carlo models of particle transport on matter. My main working language is Fortran and I was able to follow the course without problems. The course gave me all the tools needed to start working with the Intel Xeon Phi MICs."

Edgardo Doerner
HOW attendee

"Writing and optimizing parallel code for the new Knights Landing processors and co-processors will not be easy for most of us. Fortunately, Colfax International has produced a comprehensive suite of training tools to help: a printed book available in paper and PDF formats; a series of webinars in which you can look over the shoulder of an expert optimizing a wealth of carefully crafted code examples; a prepared set of code exercises, complete with solutions, that take a student step-by-step through optimization essentials; and, research papers that provide examples from Colfax's own optimization projects. There is no better place to prepare for code modernization than the Colfax web site."

Prof. Jeffrey Dunham
HOW attendee

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