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Colfax CX22875g-NVMe4-E8 2U Rackmount Server


  • Hot-Swappable 4-Nodes in 2U
  • Total 8x AMD EPYC™ 7002 Processors
  • Total 64x DIMMS
  • Total 8x 2.5" Gen4 U.2 NVMe SSD Drive Bays
  • Total 4x M.2 PCIe Gen4 x4 SSDs


  • 8x AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processors (2/Node)
  • 64x DIMM Sockets Supporting ECC DDR4 RDIMM and LRDIMM (16/node)
  • 8x PCIe 4.0 x16 Low-Profile Slots (2/node)
  • 4x OCP 3.0 Gen4 x16 Mezzanine Slots (1/node)
  • 8x 2.5" Hot-Swap Gen4 U.2 NVMe SSD Drives (2/node)
  • 4x M.2 with PCIe 4.0 x4 Interface (1/node)
  • 8x 1Gb/s Intel® I350-AM2 LAN Ports (2/node)
  • 4x Dedicated Management Ports (1/node)
  • 1x CMC Global Management Port
  • 2x 2200 Watts RPSU, 80 PLUS Platinum

CMC for Chassis Management & Multi-Node Monitoring

The server features a Chassis Management Controller (CMC) for chassis-level management and node-level monitoring by connecting internally to BMCs integrated on each node. This results only in one MLAN connection required to perform monitoring of all four nodes*, resulting in less ToR (Top of Rack) cabling and switch connections.

* IPMI only, without iKVM functionality

Multi-Server Management

The server also features the ability to create a "ring" connection for monitoring & management of all servers (including chassis-level & node-level) in a rack (including iKVM support) with an onboard LAN hub and dual MLAN ports*. Only two ToR (Top of Rack) switch connections are needed to create the ring system, and the ring will not be broken even if one server in the chain is shut down, reducing cabling and switch port usage for greater cost savings and management efficiency.

* Optional feature by adding Ring Topology Kit

GIGABYTE Server Management (GSM)

GIGABYTE Server Management (GSM) is GIGABYTE’s proprietary multiple server remote management software platform, available as a free download. GSM is compatible with either IPMI or Redfish (RESTful API) connection interfaces, and comprises the following sub-programs:

  • GSM Server - a software program with an easy to use browser-based GUI to enable global remote monitoring and management of multiple GIGABYTE servers via each server node’s BMC.
  • GSM CLI - a command-line interface program to enable global remote monitoring and management of multiple GIGABYTE servers via each server node’s BMC.
  • GSM Agent* - a software program installed locally on each GIGABYTE server node that retrieves additional node information (CPU/Mem/HDD/PCI/…) from the OS and passes it to the BMC. This information can then be utilized by GSM Server or GSM CLI.
  • GSM Mobile - a remote server management mobile APP, available for both Android and iOS.
  • GSM Plugin - a plugin that allows the user to manage and monitor GIGABYTE server nodes within VMware’s vCenter.

* GSM Agent is currently compatible with Avocent MergePoint IPMI 2.0 BMC firmware, but not yet compatible with Megarac SP-X BMC firmware.

Intuitive & Informative User Interface

Starting from the GSM Server dashboard, the user can clearly understand the status of each node in the IT environment, including:

  • Node connection status (system is online/offline)
  • Node hardware sensor status (to detect hardware anomalies). Sensors measure voltage, fan speed and temperature
  • Node usage rate status (allowing you to timely allocate more resources when they are needed), including:
    • Power consumption
    • Disk/RAID usage information
    • Memory usage rate
    • CPU usage rate
    • Network card / PCI information

The user can also perform various management functions, including:

  • Node remote access
    • Power on / off / reset
    • Launch iKVM
    • Reboot BMC / BMC Account Configuration
  • Network Configuration
    • IPv4/IPv6 setting
  • Alert Management
    • SNMP trap setting
    • Platform events filters
    • Forwarding alerts by email
  • BMC / BIOS / CPLD Update
  • Power Consumption Limit Setting
  • Group Management
    • Create groups of nodes for BMC / BIOS update or manage power consumption settings

GSM Mobile for iOS and Android

A GSM Mobile app is available for download for both iOS and Android mobile phones for remote server management on the go.

Management through VMware vCenter

A GSM Plugin is available for VMware’s vCenter, allowing the user to perform remote monitoring and management of server nodes without having to switch to a separate software platform.

GIGABYTE Management Console (AMI MegaRAC SP-X)

The server utilizes a AMI MegaRAC SP-X platform for BMC server management, with a feature rich and easy to use browser-based graphical user interface. Notable features include:

  • RESTful API support (including the latest DMTF standards of Redfish) allows the administrator to integrate with 3rd party applications for server management
  • HTML5-based iKVM remote management client included as a standard feature, no additional add-on license required to purchase
  • Detailed FRU information from SMBIOS
  • Pre-event automatic video recording feature from 10 to 30 seconds
  • SAS/RAID controller monitoring feature

Technical Specifications

Enclosure • 2U 4 Nodes - rear access
• Dimension (W x H x D) 17.32" x 3.4" x 33" (440 x 87.5 x 840 mm)
CPU / Node • Socket SP3
• 2x AMD EPYC™ 7002 series processors
• TDP up to 225W, cTDP up to 240W
Memory / Node • 16 DIMM sockets
• 8 Channels per CPU
• Supports up to 128GB RDIMM / LRDIMM modules
• Memory speed: Up to 3200 MHz
Expansion Slots / Node • 2x Low profile half-length slots with PCIe x16 (Gen4 x16 bus) from CPU_0
• 1x OCP 3.0 mezzanine slot with PCIe Gen4 x16 bandwidth
• 1 x M.2 slot from CPU_0
- M-key
- PCIe Gen4 x4
- Supports NGFF-2280/22110 cards
Storage / Node • 2x 2.5" Gen4 U.2 NVMe hot-swappable SSD bays
Networking • 2x 1GbE LAN ports (1 x Intel® I350-AM2) / Node
• 1x 10/100/1000 management LAN / Node
• 1x 10/100/1000 CMC* global management port
• Management chip on CMC board - Integrated in Aspeed® AST2520A2-GP

*CMC: Chassis Management Controller, to monitor status of all computing nodes
Video / Node • Integrated ASPEED AST2500 controller
• Connector type - D-Sub 15-pin
• Resolution - up to 1920x1200@60Hz 32bpp
Power Supply • 2 x 2200W redundant PSUs
• AC Input:
- 100-127V~/ 14A, 47-63Hz
- 200-240V~/ 12.6A, 47-63Hz
• DC Output:
- Max 1200W/ 100-127V~
+12.12V/ 95.6A
+12Vsb/ 3.5A
- Max 2200W/ 200-240V
+12.12V/ 178.1A
+12Vsb/ 3.5A
• 80 plus Platinum
System Cooling • 8x 80x80x38mm fans (16,300 rpm)
Internal I/O / Node • 1x M.2 slot
• 1x COM header
• 1x TPM header
• 1x BMC SGPIO header
• 1x JTAG BMC header
• 1x PLD header
• 1x Clear CMOS jumper
• 1x IPMB connector
Front I/O / Node • 1x Power button with LED
• 1x ID button with LED
• 1x System status LED
• 1x Reset button
• 1x CMC status LED*
• 1x CMC reset button*
* Only one CMC status LED and reset button per system
Rear I/O • 2x USB 3.0
• 1x Mini-DP
• 2x RJ45
• 1x MLAN
• 1x ID LED
• 1x CMC global management port*

* Only one CMC global management port per system
TPM • 1x TPM header with SPI interface
• Optional TPM2.0 kit
Server Management • Onboard Chipset - Aspeed AST2500
• GIGABYTE Management Console (AMI MegaRAC SP-X) web interface
- Dashboard
- JAVA Based Serial Over LAN
- Sensor Monitor (Voltage, RPM, Temperature, CPU Status …etc.)
- Sensor Reading History Data
- FRU Information
- SEL Log in Linear Storage / Circular Storage Policy
- Hardware Inventory
- Fan Profile
- System Firewall
- Power Consumption
- Power Control
- LDAP / AD / RADIUS Support
- Backup & Restore Configuration
- Remote BIOS/BMC/CPLD Update
- Event Log Filter
- User Management
- Media Redirection Settings
- PAM Order Settings
- SSL Settings
- SMTP Settings

Block Diagram


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   Colfax CX22875g-NVMe4-E8 2U Rackmount Server, Cost As Configured $7,098.69