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Ultrastar Data60 Hybrid Storage Platform

  • Up to 1080TB of raw capacity in a 4U Enclosure
  • Hybrid support with up to 24 SSDs (SAS or SATA) for a data acceleration tier
  • Innovative IsoVibe™ and ArcticFlow™ technologies improve performance and cooling


The Ultrastar Data60 hybrid storage platform is a key element of next-generation disaggregated storage and Software-Defined Storage (SDS) systems. The compact, efficient form factor provides the flexibility to specify the HDD and SSD combinations for balancing capacity, performance, and cost.

A flash data acceleration tier can be enabled to serve both fast data and big data applications from a single platform. The Ultrastar Data60 addresses the demanding storage needs of customers requiring dense, shared HDD or hybrid storage.

  • Up to 60 Ultrastar HDDs (SAS or SATA)
  • Up to 1080TB1 of raw capacity in 4U
  • Dual-port SAS for high availability or single-port SATA for low cost
  • Hybrid support for data acceleration tier with SSDs (SAS or SATA) in up to 24 of 60 drive slots
  • 4 rack units height, 712mm depth
  • Up to 12 x 12Gb/s SAS3 host connections
  • Enterprise-grade redundant and hot-swappable PSUs, IO Modules and fans
  • Innovative IsoVibe technology ensures maximum performance even in heavy workloads
  • Improved cooling from innovative, patented ArcticFlow technology
  • Rack-mounted top cover for quick and easy service

Available Parts Replacement Offerings

Choose a Replacement Option to Match Your Business Needs
Your data is important – it’s required to run your business. When parts inside your storage platforms fail, it’s critical to get them replaced without affecting your business. Additionally, downtime can be costly. Government and regulatory requirements can make returning a storage device for warranty replacement difficult to manage. To help you mitigate these business challenges, Western Digital offers two part replacement options for purchase to complement Standard Warranty:

Advanced Replacement Option (ARO) – Upon a customer requesting a part replacement, Western Digital will ship the replacement part in advance of the defective part being returned. Customer then has 30 days from receipt of the replacement part to return the defective part.

Non-Return Option (NRO) – By providing a certificate of destruction, in lieu of the physical return of the hard disk drive or SSD, the customer can dispose of the replaced drives instead of returning them per standard warranty terms.


  • Advanced-replacement option enables customers to rapidly recover from outages and minimize downtime
  • Non-Return Option simplifies management of drives that may contain data subject to government and regulatory requirements
  • Available for purchase at the same time as covered products are purchased
  • Effective for the duration of the warranty period
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1 One MB is equal to one million bytes, one GB is equal to one billion bytes and one TB equals 1,000GB (one trillion bytes) when referring to storage capacity. Accessible capacity will vary from the stated capacity due to formatting and partitioning of the hard drives, the operating system and other factors

Technical Specifications

Max Drives • 60 x 3.5" drive bays
• Up to 24 can be SAS or SATA SSD
Interface • 12Gb/s SAS
• 6Gb/s SATA
Available Capacities • HDD up to 18TB
• SSD up to 15.36TB
Host Interface • Dual redundant I/O Modules (IOM)
• 6 Mini-SAS HD ports per IOM
Management • SCSI Enclosure Services
• Redfish (out of band, via RJ45)
LED Indicators • Front/Rear: Power, ID, Fault
• Drive: Activity, Fault
Serviceability • Cable-free hot-swappable IOM, power supply, fans, and drives
Power and Cooling: Operating
Power Characteristics • Dual 1600W, 80+ Platinum
• 200-240V AC input, auto ranging, 50-60Hz
Cooling Fans • 4 main enclosure fans, front-to-rear system cooling with zero-loss backflow prevention
• 2 IO module fans
• Dual PSUs with built-in fans
• Fan speed tuning via system management
Physical Dimensions
Rack Size Height x Width x Depth mm (in) • Height: 175mm (6.89")
• Width: 447mm (17.61")
• Depth: 712mm (28.03")
Rack Space Requirements (rack units) • Max of 890mm (35.04") w/ dual CMA—includes 2 SAS cables
Temperature Range Operating
• 5° to 40°C
• -40° to 60°C
Humidity • 5 to 85% relative humidity
Sound Power • < 7.58els @ 23+2°C
Operating Altitude • 40°C @ 3,000 ft

1 One MB is equal to one million bytes, one GB is equal to one billion bytes, one TB equals 1,000GB (one trillion bytes) and one PB equals 1,000TB when referring to storage capacity. Usable capacity will vary from the raw capacity due to object storage methodologies and other factors<


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