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AMD Instinct™ Accelerator Powered Servers

Available in 2U, 2U x2 nodes, 4U form factors, Colfax servers based on AMD Instinct™ MI Series Accelerators deliver outstanding performance, supercharging HPC and AI workloads to propel new discoveries.

AMD Instinct™ MI210 accelerator (PCIe form factor) is now available with Colfax servers

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Browse AMD Instinct™ (PCIe Form Factor) Powered Servers

Advancing HPC & AI Workloads with Matrix Core Technology

AMD Instinct™ accelerators based on AMD CDNA™ 2 architecture are designed with Matrix Core Technology offering up to 880 Matrix Cores in MI250X OAM accelerators and support a broad range of precision capabilities from the highly efficient INT4 for AI to the most demanding HPC applications with our new FP64 Matrix Core technology.

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Maximize Throughput and Efficiency with Multi-Die GPU

AMD Instinct™ accelerators are engineered as a multi-chip GPU package with a state-of-the-art fabric designed with 3rd Gen AMD Infinity Fabric™ technology to enable massive data throughput intelligently at ultra-high speeds for HPC and AI.

Experience Unified Intelligence

AMD Instinct™ accelerators are pushing the boundaries of computing by unifying the CPU and the GPU accelerator. 3rd Gen AMD Infinity Fabric™ technology adds direct CPU to GPU connectivity and enables cache coherency when deploying the MI250X accelerator and optimized 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs, allowing a quick and simple on-ramp for CPU codes to tap the power of accelerators.



Compute Units

Stream Processors

Peak Half Precision (FP16) Performance

Peak Single Precision (FP32) Performance

Peak Double Precision (FP64) Performance

Dedicated Memory Size

Dedicated Memory Type

Peak Memory Bandwidth

Form Factor

AMD Instinct™ MI250X

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383 TFLOPs

47.9 TFLOPs

47.9 TFLOPs

128 GB


3276.8 GB/s

OCP Accelerator Module (OAM)

AMD Instinct™ MI250

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362.1 TFLOPs

45.3 TFLOPs

45.3 TFLOPs

128 GB


3276.8 GB/s

OCP Accelerator Module (OAM)

AMD Instinct™ MI210

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181 TFLOPs

22.6 TFLOPs

22.6 TFLOPs

64 GB


1638.4 GB/s


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