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Scalable, Low Latency Storage Using NVMe over TCP

Colfax CloudBNS™ featuring Lightbits Labs LightOS™

Colfax CloudBNS™ featuring Lightbits Labs LightOS™ delivers composable, high-performance, scale-out and redundant NVMe/TCP storage that performs like local flash. The Colfax CloudBNS™ x224 platform comes with up to 250TB of raw capacity. This best-in-class server features all NVMe, low latency optimizations and expansion flexibility. Paired with LightOS, it makes an optimal high performance and capacity block storage solution.


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Why CloudBNS Paired with LightOS is a Better Choice

Composable: Simple Scaling and Deployments

Fast Application Deployment and Load Balancing

Improved Utilization and TCO

Unlocks the Potential of Disaggregated Storage for Demanding Workloads

Visual Effects and Video Processing

Latency and Performance Sensitive Databases

Latency Sensitive High Transaction Workloads

Cloud Services
IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Key Features

Unmodified Software on Clients

  • Standard NVMeoF 1.1 w/multipathing (ANA)
  • Clients can connect to multiple clusters

Clustered/Failover Storage Solution

  • Distributed cluster management with fast failover and no single point of failure
  • Cluster size: 3-16 servers
  • 64K Volumes per cluster

LightOS Cluster Performance

  • 48 Million 4K Random Read IOPs
  • 12.8 Million 4K Random Write IOPs
  • 256 GB/s Read Bandwidth
  • 128GB/s Write Bandwidth

LightOS Cluster Latency

  • <=200µs average 4K Random Read @33 Million IOPs
  • <=300µs average 4K Random Write, 2X Replication @9 Million IOPs

LightOS Cluster Capacity (15.36TB drives)

  • 4.6PB Usable (2x replication, Elastic RAID, 2:1 compression)

Storage Services

  • Data reduction: Thin provisioning and Compression
  • Elastic RAID for drive failure protection
  • Volume replication (1x, 2x or 3x) per volume

Node Management

  • Replication and failover handling
  • Network failures handling using NVMe/TCP multipath
  • Non-disruptive (for 2x and 3x replicated volumes) cluster upgrades

Application Environment Support

  • Kubernetes v1.13 and above via CSI
  • Openstack Queens and above via Cinder
  • Bare Metal
  • Ansible playbooks for RPM based Linux distributions


  • RESTful API
  • CLI support for scripts and monitoring
  • Prometheus Metrics and Alerts
  • Pre-configured Grafana dashboards

Cluster Size

Minimum 3 target nodes


Colfax CloudBNS™ x224

Server Configuration

2U, 24 NVMe Chassis


2x Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors


Up to 250TB of NVMe flash

SSD Storage

8, 16 or 24 Micron 9300 PRO / Intel DC P4xxx Series NVMe 2.5" drives


Up to 2 x 100 Gb Ethernet




LightOS 2.1 - licensed per storage server on an annual subscription basis

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