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Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre Software

A New Generation of Lustre Software Expands High Performance Computing into the Commercial Enterprise

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Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software (Intel® EE for Lustre* software) unleashes the Lustre parallel file system as an enterprise platform for a broad spectrum of commercial organizations, both large and small. It allows businesses that need large scale, high-bandwidth storage to tap into the power and scalability of Lustre, but with the simplified installation, configuration and monitoring features of Intel® Manager for Lustre* software, a management solution purpose-built for the Lustre file system. Intel EE for Lustre software includes proven support from the Lustre experts at Intel, including worldwide 24x7 technical support.

High Performance Parallel Storage for the Enterprise
Intel EE for Lustre software brings the benefits of Lustre and high performance computing (HPC) to data-intensive businesses. For decision makers seeking to achieve their business goals more quickly and cost effectively, Intel EE for Lustre software offers a parallel file system that enables more powerful computing for improved results and data-driven business and IT intelligence. Intel EE for Lustre software provides open interfaces that promote easy integration and high levels of interoperability with existing infrastructures. Because Lustre is open source software, IT can grow data center storage systems over time and on budget, employing a variety of networking and hardware options.

Key Features

  • Built on open-source Lustre* software
  • Centralized, GUI-based administration for management simplicity
  • Enormous storage capacity
  • Real-time system monitoring or maximum availability
  • Open, documented interfaces for deep integration
  • Rigorously tested, stable software proven across diverse industries
  • I/O throughput in excess of 1 terabyte per second
  • Global 24X7 technical support

Apache Hadoop* Adapter

When organizations operate both Lustre and Apache Hadoop* within a shared infrastructure, there is a strong case for using Lustre as the file system for Hadoop analytics as well as HPC storage. Intel EE for Lustre software includes an Intel-developed adapter which allows users to run Map/Reduce* applications directly on Lustre. This optimizes the performance of Map/Reduce operations while delivering faster, more scalable and Intel Manager for Lustre software interfaces allow insights into high-level system performance or in-depth focus into individual components.easier to manage storage.

  • Hadoop users can access any Lustre files directly from Hadoop, without the need to copy them to the Hadoop environment
  • Using Lustre in combination with Hadoop makes storage management simpler—since the platform will be running a single Lustre file system instance rather than Hadoop instances for each cluster—and makes more productive use of storage assets.

Colfax ClusterEdge L2200x Cluster

The ClusterEdge L2200x solution includes:

  • Wide range of servers based on Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 series
  • 24 DIMMs for up to 768GB and 4x 3.5" HDDs or 8x 2.5" HDDs / SSDs per Management Node
  • 24 DIMMs for up to 768GB and 12x 3.5" HDDs or 24x 2.5" HDDs / SSDs per Storage Node
  • Platinum Level Efficiency Redundant Power Supplies
  • Remote Systems and Cluster Management with Onboard IPMI
  • InfiniBand or 10 Gigabit Ethernet Interconnect


For additional details on the ClusterEdge L2200x Lustre Solution, contact us at sales@colfax-intl.com or 408-730-2275.