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Seagate® Exos™ AP 2U24


Cost-effective, scalable 2U storage rack for high-bandwidth, low-latency tasks, featuring dual 12Gb/s SAS controllers

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Best-Fit Applications

  • Small and mid-sized deployments
  • High-bandwidth, low-latency environments
  • 4K and 8K workflows, medical offices, surveillance
  • Image sequence processing
  • Hybrid tiered systems

Key Advantages

Harness fast data transfers with a 12Gb/s SAS interface paired with Seagate Nytro SSD drives.

Gain more space and performance while lowering TCO with a 2U rack storing up to 24 drives.

Build an efficient compute and storage environment with a fast SSD in a compact form factor.

Select controller performance and high-availability options to suit budget and/or software requirements with dual ×86 controllers.

Support virtually any current or future network infrastructure with 10GbE, 25GbE, and 100GbE I/O options.

Dual 12Gb/s SAS controllers are compliant with the latest architecture standards for maximum data throughput.

Tap into increased reliability and business/operations continuity with fully redundant, hotswappable components.

Right-size your configuration by purchasing only what you need.

Shares design and multiple FRUs with various Exos® products for modular, easy-to-service AP and EBOD ecosystems.

Expand your storage as your business grows with up to 8 chassis.

NOTE: When referring to drive capacity, one gigabyte, or GB, equals one billion bytes and one terabyte, or TB, equals one trillion bytes. Your computer’s operating system may use a different standard of measurement and report a lower capacity. In addition, some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions, and thus will not be available for data storage. Actual data rates may vary depending on operating environment and other factors, such as chosen interface and disk capacity.

Technical Specifications

Controller Specifications
Controller • One or two AP-BV-1 Controllers, redundancy optional
CPU Per Controller • AMD SP3 7292P EPYC CPU (8,12,16 Core)
Memory Per Controller • 4 x DDR4 - 3200MHz DIMM slots - 8,16,32,64 GB DIMM support
Internal Boot Drive Per Controller • Dual NVMe M.2 Board with Single or Dual M.2 NVMe SSD for Redundant Boot/Logs
Onboard I/O Per Controller • On-board Mellanox CX4 Dual Port 10/25GbE I/O 2 x 1GbE onboard connections (Management / Data)
PCIe Expansion Per Controller • One low-profile, half-length PCI Express Gen 4 x16 Host Interface Slot, and one OCP v2.0 Gen 4x8 host interface slot
Storage Infrastructure • 2x Gen 4 x8 PCIe Lanes to 12G Broadcom SAS Controller, Dual 12G x4 Mini-SAS HD External Expansion Ports
Inter-Controller Link • PCI Express Gen 3 x16 NTB Inter-controller Interface
Chassis Specifications
Redundant Drive Path • Yes (SAS only)
Management/Status Reporting • Redfish API + IPMI & SES
Device Support • 12Gb/s SAS and 6Gb/s SATA SSDs
Max Drives Per Enclosure • Up to 24 × 2.5" SFF drives
Hot-Swappable Components • SSDs (in chassis data slots), power supply and cooling modules units (PCU), controllers
Physical • Height: 87.9mm / 3.46 in | Width: 443mm / 17.44 in | Depth: 630mm / 24.8 in | Width (w/ear mounts): 483mm / 19.01 in | Weight: 17kg / 38 lb | Weight (with drives): 30kg / 66 lb
Power Requirements
Input Power Requirements • 100V-240V AC 60Hz/50Hz
Max Power Output per PSU • 764W
Environmental Requirements
Operating / Nonoperating Altitude • –100m to 3000m (–330 ft to 10,000 ft) / –100m to 12,192m (–330 ft to 40,000 ft)
Operating / Nonoperating Temperature • ASHRAE A2, 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F), derate 1°C/300m above 900m, 20°C/hr max rate of change / –40°C to +70°C (–40°F to +158°F)
Operating / Nonoperating Humidity • –12°C DP and 10% RH to 21°C DP and 80% RH, Max DP 21°C / 5% to 100% noncondensing
Operating / Nonoperating Shock • 5 Gs, 10ms, half sine pulses / 15 Gs, 10ms, half sine pulses
Operating / Nonoperating Vibration • 0.21 Gs rms (5Hz to 500Hz) / 1.04 Gs rms (2Hz to 200Hz)


AP-BV-1 Controller

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